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  • 18-04-08
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Part 1类题目


例如Like it and not like it 的经典题目What is your major? Why did you choose this major? Do you like it and why?


这是Part 1 一定会被问到的问题,如果你是学生。你很容易就回答了what这个问题,对于后面的why 和Like it and not like it,很多考生会无从下手,记住大家可以从以下三个方面来回答:


1) Interest. (internal factor)I have huge interest in ….since I was a little kid.(―Maybe in my six years old.)括号里面这种你都可说可不说,不过可以帮你争取更多的时间来想拓展的内容。


2) Expectation from others (external factor)Being encouraged/motivated by (eg. Parents or grandparents) since I was a little kid.(―Maybe in my six years old.)


3) Profitability 表达你的专业是有前途性,能找到很好的工作Another reason maybe a bit realistic, you know. It is profitable/ promising/ lucrative.




1) 词汇补充:




涉及到几方面,你就需要一些链接词来组织语言:to begin/start withbesidesin additionmost importantlast but not the leastanyway




I’m very much intoI’m crazy aboutI’m fond ofI’m keen onI’m fascinated by/aboutI really dig into…










Eg.where is your hometown? Where do you come from? Where are you from?经典口语题


与其说成my hometown is xin jiang.不如说成 you know, I am a xin jiang local, I have been living in xin jiang for more than 15 years(或者since I was born)。这样就可以构建自己的口语框架。


分享一下完整答案:I like it primarily/mainly/chiefly/principally because I’m very much into the stuff taught in class. Besides/Plus my parents have kept in encouraging me to study it hard since I was a little kid. In addition, Another reason maybe a bit realistic, you know that is bound to bring me much income in the future. (Finally/Lastly…) That is exactly/precisely why I like my major.




Part 2类题目




其实Part 2的框架特别好构建,因为我们有个topic 本子,每个话题下面都有一些小问题,你只要根据这些小问题进行回答,再加上连接过渡性的词汇即可。


我们来看一个例子:尊敬的长辈+最亲近的家人 我的爷爷+最亲近的家人


Describe an old person you respectYou should say:


Who he/she is


How you know this person


What kinds of things you like to do together


and explain how you feel about this person


When it comes to the one I respect the most, I’d like to talk about my dear grandfather, a seventy - year - old man.


To be honest, I don’t remember when I knew him, probably the moment when I was born. But I know a lot about him indeed. My grandpa has a very kind smile which always gives me great comfort and encouragement especially when I am depressed. my grandfather teaches me a lot. He often tells me to be brave and dare to bear the responsibility.


In terms of what we’d like to do together, I think it is to turn “waste” into wealth. My grandpa can always find a suitable place for the “junk”. He often teaches me how to give in and put the "junk" in its suitable place. My grandpa has helped me to develop a habit of preserving everything,everything he thinks is useful, everything goes where it should go. Surprisingly,all these "junk" can always find their position and function fairly well(相当好地),holding small things or optimizing my bicycle so that it can operate better……


And another thing is that my grandpa always sits next to me and tells a lot of interesting stories. It seems he always has many stories attracting me. So we are more like a pair of good friends. This is my grandfather, the one I respect the most. I love him.


你只要根据每一个小问题来回答即可,part 2的框架就构建好了,根据个人经验,当涉及到新的一方面东西时,西方人说话很喜欢用as for. When it comes to, for ,in terms of等这些。大家可以在切换不同小问题之间,用这些简单连接词进行过度。


Part 3类题目


第三部分的话题与第二部分有紧密联系,发散性和议论性都很大。但是一定要知道答题的一个规律和模式,Part3 是就Part2的topic深入探讨,一般都会问你一些社会性的大问题,你的回答一定是先总后分(先总体后个人)千万别用I think之类的表达个人意见。应该先总的说大家都公认的都有哪几点,然后分点说,因为part 3考官就是要你发表自己的看法,不能一两句就说完了,这个跟part 1还是有区别的)。



给大家一个例子,教你构建框架:What kind of activities do old people like to do these days? 先总的说一些,有很多种活动,再分类别一一说明,附带一些举例,先总后分。


As for the activities the old are keen on, there are a variety of entertainments(总的概括来一句). 分点说明What I want to mention firstly is doing the morning exercises and taking a walk after dinner. You know, the square dancing is so hot now. Almost every women and men of the age between 40 to 60 years old enjoy it. Secondly, old people tend to travelling. It is well-known that they have already retired, so they can take advantage of the time to travel to different places. Talking about my grandpa, he travels a great deal






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